The Water-Babies

Is it 2014 already? Is it the 6th day of 2014 already? Did I really spend the last two weeks curled up in a ball, eating and drinking, laughing and crying, dancing terribly and singing horribly and being merrier than anyone has a right to? Ahh, well I guess I  did! I hope your holiday was lovely.  Is it too late to wish you and those you love a Happy New Year filled with wonder and passion and laughter and love and adventure?
 It's never to late for that! Is it?

One of the best parts about living in Antigua is being able to go to the beach whenever the craving for a dip in salt water hits. I've been told that I'm a Water-Baby, but I prefer the term Creature of the Seashore.Have you read that book,The Water-Babies

I could stay at the seaside for hours and hours and hours. Just staring, breathing, being. I love the dry, hot breeze. I love the blinding brightness of the sand reflecting the sun. I love the cold, clear waters that cause you to yelp at the first contact. I love it all. 

I have one more week in paradise, and I intend to make the most of it! Just as soon as the wretched headache from the box braids that I'm currently installing goes away.


  1. Your holiday sounds like it was amazing. Thanks for this peek into paradise because the 27 degree weather we're experiencing is filling me with misery and dread so your polka dot bikini and warm beach weather are giving me life literally lol. Good luck with your box braids installations, I wish I was good at that, then I wouldn't have to pay people.

    The Indie Byline

  2. woww what a very exotic holiday you had here! x

  3. well, who wouldn't love to go to that spectacular beach? :) I know I would, 100%! the scenery is just amazing and seeing those photos only makes me wait my own trip so much more. there are days when I just look at the sunny summery photos and dream about it, haha. anyway, you're definitely lucky you get to be in such beautiful area! :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. I have the blue to that bath suit....absolutely gorgeous!!