Before hacking off most of my hair last year, this girl was an honorary member of the Brady Bunch, ha ha  love a bad pun. Once I  wore braids for just about 8 months in a row except for those days when I took out the last style, washed, conditioned then braided up again. 

 If you follow on Facebook or Instagram you probably already know that my head is full of  yarn locs!
 Yarn locs are a great alternative to permanent ones minus the commitment and growing time. They're light, inexpensive and apparently the styling options are immense. 

I happily spent most of Valentines day on my bum while a good friend installed them for me. It's pretty simple. If you can install box braids you can install yarn braids. Unfortunately, I can't do the box braid thing. Forever Rikk has a pretty good video up, if you can't stand  lengthy videos, check that tutorial out. The only downside is that they're ridiculously time consuming to install. Mine took around 13 hours. Eeek! Surprisingly these yarn locs don't put much stress on my hair line. These edges though! The box braids really did a number, I'm using a delicious mix castor oil, almond oil and vitamin E to help repair damage from those braids.

What do you think of yarn locs? Would you be willing to give them a try?

 If one more person asks why my hair isn't combed they are going to get punched in the throat. Oh okay, fine, I'll probably only look at them funny while fighting the itch to kick them in the shin, hard. In the event that you're curious, I do comb my hair! Well it's finger combed,  I can't afford to replace combs weekly and definitely don't want to suffer through the headaches and ripped out strands that result from the gentle and time consuming  use of a comb. 

I'm not going to spend hours every day forcing my hair to conform to someone elses idea of the way natural hair should look. So, no. I won't relax it, texturize it, braid it or cover it up, just because you don't like to see it. I think it's damn gorgeous! It's glorious and beautiful and unusual and mine. 

I like my hair the way it grows out of my scalp. Not everyone has a head full of black cotton!


As much as I think my hair is awesome, it's at an awkward stage. Especially because the back and sides are so much shorter than the top.  The box braids were gorgeous but absolutely horrible for my edges. Any suggestions for products to help them recover? I've heard that castor oil is a pretty good option.
 What do you think?