Yarn Locs Review: Tips and Tricks

Yarn locs, Genie locs, faux locs, Yarn wraps, mmm did I miss any? What ever you want to call them, I love this protective style. Yesterday made it a month since these yarn locs have been in, so I thought a little review of sorts, with some tips and tricks would be nice.

1. The first few days were ridiculous! My scalp was really irritated. The same thing happened when I installed the last set of box braids. Sulfur 8 Spray was amazing at soothing the scalp.

2. It's really important to ensure that your own hair is kept hydrated while under the yarn locs. Spraying the locs with water; either on it's own or mixed with leave-in-conditioner is a great option. Sulfur 8 Spray is also very good at keeping the hair conditioned.

3. The yarn is very absorbent, it really dries out the scalp. I oil my entire scalp twice a week and my edges once a day. Using 1/2 castor oil, 1/4 sweet almond oil, 1/4 pure coconut oil and  8 capsules of Vitamin E makes a great mix!

4. Hair Washing has been a huge no no. The dry yarn locs are very light and flexible. On the other hand, wet yarn is heavy as hell yarn. 

5. These things would make excellent lint brushes. It's recommended that you cover them when not in use to keep lint from becoming lodged in the locs. Me?  I cover them when sleeping, it only takes a few seconds to brush or pluck any lint off.

The Plan is to keep these in for another two or three weeks. Feel free to ask any questions, I'll try my very best to answer them!

 A few persons have suggested doing a skincare/makeup post,  I'm not very good at those, but I'll try really hard to do a decent job next post!  It would be great if you gave some suggestions of what to include in that!