Escape to the Waterfront

You know it's the middle of the dry season when clothes with sleeves become devices of torture, squinting is the only way of seeing anything and you result to sticking your tongue out like a happy pup in an attempt to cool down even a little.  Shopping in Port of Spain is absolute hell on these days. The heat combined with the swarm of people and cocktail of smells can be a lot to deal with. 

My solution? Make a break for the Waterfront, where the sun is just as searing, but the breeze cool and the air unscented. Grab an icy Vitamalt and indulge in some people watching. Of course there's the option of having strangers openly stare at you while your boyfriend snaps away.  The Waterfront is gorgeous so we can endure those awkward glaces. 

Walk, for the sake of avoid heat stroke, please don't run to the Waterfront. 

Happy Mother Day Mums! What are you doing today? 
I am about to have a very long phone conversation with the important women in my life.