Take Me to Tobago

 Currently I'm nibbling on the very last piece of genuine Tobagonian fudge. Buttery, delicious, melt in the mouth fudge.  Take me back to Tobago and buy me some fudge and sugar cakes, don't forget the tamarind balls, I'll love ya forever!

 Last week Alain, Sylene and I hopped over to Tobago for the day. Do you consider a three and a half hour boat ride with the prettiest views a hop?  We spent the day on the beach, let me tell you, Pigeon Point is gorgeous! Hot sun, scorching sand, cold blue waters and bluer skies. Gorgeous! Saying we had fun would be an understatement.

 Who's willing to run away with me and build a shack on the shore? We can live off of fudge.

Happy Tuesday. 


  1. Happy Tuesday to you too! Take me to paradise with you! Jk, but seriously, I always get travel envy when I look at your travel posts. Beautiful shots, just beauty period because I am always in awe of how stunning you are :)

    1. Aww shucks, thanks! I'll take ya with me the next time!

  2. Lovely pics! Sounds like a really good time with great people!

  3. You're so lucky, girl! It's gorgeous.

  4. Lovely sunset in d bocas. You lucky girl. Heading to Tobago soon for the long weekend.

  5. wow, it does look like an absolutely magical place! the beach is beautiful! but to be honest I've always loved your surroundings. they just get prettier and prettier so keep on posting those wonderful sights! ;)

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