I've been a little busy with my dietetics internship and other not so interesting things, so I haven't been able to post a lot this past month. I've had to force myself to research Total Parenteral Nutrition, Vitamin K dietary restrictions and the like, when all I really want to do is think about swimming in seawater.

I have been pretty active on Instagram, so you've probably seen a few of these photos from a fun afternoon that we spent at Jabberwock beach. The seaside is the best in the evenings, when the tide is high and the sun bathes everything in a warm golden light. I fall in love with the sea all over again at dawn and dust. It's at those times that I know how truly blessed I am to be an island girl.

This upcoming week is my last as an intern at the Mount St Johns Medical Center. The last four weeks have been a great experience!  I've learned so much and have seen even more. I'm super excited to finish my degree and begin working.

Hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend!

If you read Deep Fried Stilettos regularly or follow along on instagram you probably know that this little island girl is addicted to saltwater. We've got 365 beaches so my addiction is always being fed. This past Monday was Whit which is a public holiday here, so we packed up our bags, hopped into the cars and headed out in search off the perfect beach. Because most Antiguans spend public holidays at the seaside we avoided the popular choices and settled on Sandpiper Reef which lies just behind an abandoned hotel. We had the beach all to ourselves and it was lovely! 

We spent the day splashing about in the waves and gorging ourselves. I've got to say the chicken foot and tripe souse (soup), was ridiculously delicious. It looks absolutely disgusting but tastes mmm, mmm, so good! 

 Can't wait for all the beach days that Summer has ahead.

I wear a lot of black. Dark colors are the most flattering against my skin. This dress and these booties are old favorites, even with the lace and frills this little black dress isn't choking on syrupy sweetness. Because the booties are a teenie bit too big I tend to wear socks with them, me being me the socks are usually neon and peaking out!  


 Hope you're having a great weekend! It's a holiday weekend here in Antigua, which means a trip to the beach tomorrow!

How did you spend the weekend?

Over the last month, I've received lots of questions and complements on my hair, not a day goes by without someone asking if it's real! No, no it's not. I bought it! 

This is probably one of my favorite protective styles. It's been in for just about a month and I'm planning on going another 3 weeks. There are probably lots of tutorials on this style, I didn't look any up but simply used a latch hook crochet needle to install pieces of Afro Kinky Bulk hair to the cornrows. Really easy, it only took around three hours. The bush is watered daily and a bit of Black & Sassy setting cream rubbed in to keep it a bit tamed. And, that's it, you've got a fro that you didn't have to grow. Hey, that rhymes. 

I'm looking for another protective style to try, any suggestions?
Any questions? Fire away!

One of my favorite ways to spend the evening is tucked away on one of the small beaches near our home. I especially like days like this, when the air cool and the cloudy sky bathes everything in a soft hazy light. The sunset isn't it's usual kaleidoscope of orange, red and yellow but a muted gray-blue that matches the ocean perfectly. It's so unbelievable pretty, photographs don't do it justice. On these days, I wish this little beach was just outside my back door, luckily the house that's only a stone's throw away happens to be up for rent, any takers?

Earlier I flooded my Instagram with some snaps, like that beautiful dead bird we found asleep in the hedge. If you haven't see those photos, check them out here. Is it creepy to think that a dead bird is beautiful?

I hope your May was great! Have a happy June!