Crochet Braids: Afro

Over the last month, I've received lots of questions and complements on my hair, not a day goes by without someone asking if it's real! No, no it's not. I bought it! 

This is probably one of my favorite protective styles. It's been in for just about a month and I'm planning on going another 3 weeks. There are probably lots of tutorials on this style, I didn't look any up but simply used a latch hook crochet needle to install pieces of Afro Kinky Bulk hair to the cornrows. Really easy, it only took around three hours. The bush is watered daily and a bit of Black & Sassy setting cream rubbed in to keep it a bit tamed. And, that's it, you've got a fro that you didn't have to grow. Hey, that rhymes. 

I'm looking for another protective style to try, any suggestions?
Any questions? Fire away!


  1. Your photos are always so awesome! (Esp love that last shot! Your smile is infectious!) You have me super tempted to try crochet braids *sigh* :)

  2. wow, I thought it was real. It's really cute - I want to try something like this!