Crochet Braids: Afro

Over the last month, I've received lots of questions and complements on my hair, not a day goes by without someone asking if it's real! No, no it's not. I bought it! 

This is probably one of my favorite protective styles. It's been in for just about a month and I'm planning on going another 3 weeks. There are probably lots of tutorials on this style, I didn't look any up but simply used a latch hook crochet needle to install pieces of Afro Kinky Bulk hair to the cornrows. Really easy, it only took around three hours. The bush is watered daily and a bit of Black & Sassy setting cream rubbed in to keep it a bit tamed. And, that's it, you've got a fro that you didn't have to grow. Hey, that rhymes. 

I'm looking for another protective style to try, any suggestions?
Any questions? Fire away!