Gray Sunset

One of my favorite ways to spend the evening is tucked away on one of the small beaches near our home. I especially like days like this, when the air cool and the cloudy sky bathes everything in a soft hazy light. The sunset isn't it's usual kaleidoscope of orange, red and yellow but a muted gray-blue that matches the ocean perfectly. It's so unbelievable pretty, photographs don't do it justice. On these days, I wish this little beach was just outside my back door, luckily the house that's only a stone's throw away happens to be up for rent, any takers?

Earlier I flooded my Instagram with some snaps, like that beautiful dead bird we found asleep in the hedge. If you haven't see those photos, check them out here. Is it creepy to think that a dead bird is beautiful?

I hope your May was great! Have a happy June!