Little Lace Dress

I wear a lot of black. Dark colors are the most flattering against my skin. This dress and these booties are old favorites, even with the lace and frills this little black dress isn't choking on syrupy sweetness. Because the booties are a teenie bit too big I tend to wear socks with them, me being me the socks are usually neon and peaking out!  


 Hope you're having a great weekend! It's a holiday weekend here in Antigua, which means a trip to the beach tomorrow!

How did you spend the weekend?


  1. Can we trade lives? Lol, I love how easily the beach is so accessible to where you are. I want it badly lol. You look radiant as usual. I always love the aesthetic of your shots. People be talkin' about the importance of an LBD but as the owner of a lace black dress, I must proudly say YES I LOVE to you in this dress! You're beautiful love, and lovin' those booties

  2. my weekend included only work, work and some more work so not that great, haha. we haven't had any proper beach weather here either, only very heavy rain and thunder... anyway, I love the background of your photos and the LBD looks great on you!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. Fabulous look, the dress compliments your hair so well. And the photos are great too!

    onacruz blog

  4. You look wonderful
    Want to follow each other? Sandy Sandhu