Sandpiper Reef


If you read Deep Fried Stilettos regularly or follow along on instagram you probably know that this little island girl is addicted to saltwater. We've got 365 beaches so my addiction is always being fed. This past Monday was Whit which is a public holiday here, so we packed up our bags, hopped into the cars and headed out in search off the perfect beach. Because most Antiguans spend public holidays at the seaside we avoided the popular choices and settled on Sandpiper Reef which lies just behind an abandoned hotel. We had the beach all to ourselves and it was lovely! 

We spent the day splashing about in the waves and gorging ourselves. I've got to say the chicken foot and tripe souse (soup), was ridiculously delicious. It looks absolutely disgusting but tastes mmm, mmm, so good! 

 Can't wait for all the beach days that Summer has ahead.


  1. gorgeous place! ive been wanting to go there,,, im currently living here in
    Tobago,. lovely swimsuit you have!

  2. Love the colors! And you always mange to get such amazing shots!! But, Charity, I swear I almost puked seeing the pics of that chicken foot with nails and everything :-o OMG. I would never go anywhere NEAR that soup!!! :D

  3. Looks like fun! Your hair is fabulous too!!!!!

    xoxo Brie at

  4. This makes me want to visit Antigua because I love beaches. I visited once but it was only for one day.