Make-up Routine

For a while now,  I've been trying to figure out whether or not this post should be published. You see, my make-up routine is ridiculously simple and there are so many great articles already on the web that me throwing another into the mix seemed kind of silly. After reading countless posts and watching even more videos about contouring, winged eyeliner and smoky eye shadows, my pitiful routine didn't seem very blog worthy but over the last couple of weeks both in person and on the web quite a bit comments and questions have been aimed at my skin and makeup routine. So I'll tackle my make-up routine below and skin care in the next post. 

1. Face
The only thing that I put on my face is this Simple moisturizer. I haven't worn fountain in almost a year. Can't stand the stuff. Have you ever experienced how awkward it is to hug someone wearing white when you've got a face full of foundation? You tilt you're head at a weird angle to avoid messing them up, then have to clarify,  "Sorry, it's not that you've got  overwhelming body odor, I just dont want to dirty your shirt." When I'm feeling fancy I'll wear this Revlon Primer and a dusting of finishing powder by Black Opal.

2. Eyebrows
Every two or three weeks I'll use a razor blade to shape my eyebrows by defining the arch. An angled brush, eyebrow wax and powder and a clean mascara wand are my tools of choice when it comes to darkening and filling in the brow. I'll also blend a bit of concealer under the brow.

3. Eyes
Two or three times last year I got huge eyeshadow plates as gifts. Unfortunately I only wear the stuff when I want to look extra snazzy.  Most days it's just some smudged eyeliner and a swipe of mascara.

4. Lips
Lip-balm. lip-liner. lipstick. lip-gloss. Some days it's just one and on others it's all four. I've got really dark lips so I stick to reds and purples. Nudes and Pinks? No way. I never wear gloss without a liner or lipstick. It would look like I had fried chicken for lunch and forgot to wipe my mouth. No thank you.

Rather than try to cover up unhealthy skin I've been working on nurturing it. I stick to brands of moisturizer, primer and finishing power that were mentioned above. Absolutely love them. The skin care post coming up is way simpler than this! 

What's your make-up routine like? What products do you use? How long does it take? Do you wear foundation?