Natural Hair Update: 10 months

Hey Lovelies,

I finally took out those crochet braids over the weekend, after almost two months it feels unbelievable good to touch my own hair again. Seriously, I keep fondling my curls, so weird. A really big shocker was how much length the hair retained while under there! I'm not sure how long it is because I don't really measure the hair, the front reaches the tip of my nose!  I do know, that my coils can now be scraped up into a high puff and that my friends, is awesome!

It's been just about 10 months since the sides were last shaved and the top cut. I've been protective styling a lot this year and plan to continue doing that but I miss my hair so badly when it's put away! The protective styles I've done this year are box braids, yarn locs, afro-kinky braids and the crochet fro. The styles stay in for 4-7 weeks then I wear my hair loose for a week before tucking them away again. Also really excited about the fact that my poor edges are finally growing in. High five hair line, we got this!

Just started using Cantu's leaving-in conditioning cream, which my hair loves! Has anyone tried using black soap to cleanse their hair? I'm thinking about testing it out.  Also I'd love to know what you use to give your hair a moisturizing treatment. Sorry if the photo quality is a bit bad didn't have a camera with me so my nexus took these shots.

Hope you're all having a lovely week! What's been up with you lately? I have some catching up to do.

Ps. I'm excited to be  featured over on CherrieAmore . The entire concept of the Dark-skinned girls who rock series is so awesome! Check it if you'd like to learn a teenie bit about this island girl, also make sure to have a peak at the other girls in the series. Thanks so much Cherrie! 

Have a great week guys.