Summer Heat

After a week of being tucked away in bed, alternating between watching Law and Order and bingeing on Youtube videos, I spent yesterday in the city, planning to run some errands and do a little window shopping. Ha! This girl ended up doing absolutely nothing but chill in air-conditioned buildings all day. Summer is in full swing y'all! The sun is scorching and the air is hot and heavy. Cool island breezes are practically non existent! You win this round summer, I'll run those errands another day. 

Feeling a bit guilty about hiding from the sun all day we stopped on the way home to wish it goodnight. Is there anything more beautiful than the dying sun? Speaking of dying suns, I came across the nicest quotes a few nights ago, already shared it on Instagram but it's too pretty not to be shared again.

 "Tell me the story of how the sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breath"

How's your summer going? How do you beat the summer heat?