Divali Wanderings

Guess what time it is. It's Divali! Or at least it was last week! I've been ranting about my love of Divali every year, for the last two years, so obviously I couldn't let this one pass without sharing a few photos with you.

Just like last year,we arrived in Felicity along with thousands of others ready to stroll along the streets and look at the lights. It's honestly a clash of the senses! I just know you'd love it! Thousands of tiny diyas twinkling on every horizontal surface, fairy lights wrapped around poles, bumber to bumber traffic, fire works lighting up the night,  people dressed to impress in their traditional outfits, everyone laughing and talking, fire crackers exploding loudly,  food galore waiting to be stuffed into your mouth, Hindi music blasting from homes and vehicles and you just walking along trying your very hardest to soak it all up and store it away. Everyone was so happy and festive, I loved every moment of it.

See ya next year Divali!!