Hair that smells like dessert? We're in!
A few months ago the lovely folks at Au Rebelle sent over some of their best sellers for Pooffie and I to take for a spin. We were sent the Murumuru Leave-in-Conditioner and the LCO (Liquid Cream Oil) Kit which includes the the Just Water, the Vanilla Cupuacu Hair Lotion and the Just Oil. We've had them for just about four months and love the results! The LCO Kit was used on it's own for two weeks then both it and the Murumuru Leave-in-Conditioner were used in conjunction with our regular products and incorporated into the daily routine.

Below I've reviewed the products, including Pooffie's response to them. Also included are some photos of how juicy and moist my kinks were looking while using these products on their own.

These products smell absolutely divine! We went in Rituals Coffee House the other day and I swore I smelled the Vanilla Cupuacu! All the products have a deliciously light scent, there's nothing that is too overpowering or sickeningly sweet.

The Just Water,  Murumuru Leave-in-Conditioner and Vanilla Cupuacu Hair Lotion were packaged quite well, nothing out of the ordinary but I was a bit disappointed with the Just Oil. The first time I used it the base of nozzle split, squirting oil everywhere. That guy now lives in a Ziploc bag! (Of course that particular nozzle may have been the only defective one.)

Before using the Just Water I was apprehensive. Why on earth would you use this stuff when you've got "Just Water" coming out of the bathroom tap? But...this stuff is awesome! After the first use we were sold! Pooffie was immediately hydrated and stayed moisturized and soft for the entire day! It also works really well with products from other brands and you don't have to saturate your strands to get results!

Vanilla Cupuacu Hair Lotion
Pooffie loved this stuff! Not much else can be said! It's consistency was the perfect blend of thick and thin, it smelled like the dessert of your dream and worked really well!

Just Oil 
I really wanted to love the Just Oil, I really did. It seemed perfect! It had great Ingredients, great consistency and great smell. Pooffie however hates it! It just sit on the the strands and leaves them wiry and greasy . I've tried changing the amount I apply but Pooffie just isn't having it as a sealant. On the other hand she loves it as a hot oil treatment!

Murumuru Leave-in-Conditioner
Pooffie wants to like this but solo it's a little too light for her 4c nature. Naturals with a different texture may fall head over heels with it and paired with the Vanilla Cupuacu or another heavier moisturizer it works perfectly at keeping Pooffie super moist! It also works pretty well when included in our DIY hair mist.

Pooffie and I loved these and will be trying some of the other products that they've got! I'm planning on purchasing the Just Water and Vanilla Cupuacu when our current bottles run out.

I'd definitely recommend giving Au Rebelle a try! 
You can browse through their selection of products here.
Ps. They've currently got some great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!

****The items reviewed in this post were gifted by Au Rebelle. All thoughts and views are genuine. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be useful for my readers.**** 

     Yarn extensions have changed my  protective styling game! I've been installing yarn extensions for almost two years and Pooffie absolutely loves them! Naturally there are a few cons but the good far out weighs the bad! Below are five great reasons to choose yarn extensions for your next protective style.

1.  Yarn Extensions are Light Weight
Yarn is one of the lightest materials that you can use when installing a protective style.  With most braiding hair getting that gorgeous thick, full or long look requires quite a few packs of hair which eventually add up in weight and may end up pulling, breaking and damaging your precious strands. With yarn you get the bulk without the weight. One point to note is that this stuff gets HEAVY when wet, like dislocate your neck heavy. So I wouldn’t advise swimming with these installed.
      2.   Yarn Extensions Offer Endless Colour Options
Yarn extensions offer the perfect opportunity to indulge your creativity. The colour options are pretty much unlimited and you can mix and match your way into My Little Pony perfection if that’s your desire. Personally I love using black yarn as the base colour, throwing in streaks or clusters of bright colours to add a pop. Eventually I’ll work up the courage to rock a head full of baby blue twists! 

      3. Yarn Extensions Are  Affordable
Yarn delivers more bang/braids for your buck when compared to the price of Kanekalon, Marley, Afro Kinky Bulk and other popular braiding hair. 
4.  Yarn Extensions Provide A Natural Texture
One of the best things about using yarn extensions is probably the texture. Yarn has this course, dull look that makes it absolutely perfect for natural hair, especially 4c hair. Most styles using other extensions begin to look messy and unkempt by the second week but yarn ages beautifully! 

5. Yarn Extensions Offer Styling Versatility
Using yarn provides you with a whole lot of versatility when it comes to styling. You have so many options to choose from! Booty brushing braids, chunky twists, a 90’s box braid bob, faux locs or crochet braids and there are some styles I probably haven’t thought of as yet! You can make your protective style as long or as short, as thin or as thick as you like!

Have you ever tried yarn extensions?
What was your experience like?

4c hair loves Shea butter as a sealant! Well, that's according to countless natural hair blogs and YouTube gurus but apparently no one has informed Pooffie about this. For about one and a half years I religiously slapped whipped Shea butter unto Pooffie and waited for a silky, soft, well moisturized head of hair to manifest itself. I'm still waiting for that Shea butter induced miracle!

I've come to realize that Pooffie is probably one of those  heads of natural hair that despises Shea butter. It just sits on the strands attracting dust and giving off that funky, slightly rancid Shea Butter smell. Ugh! After a bit of experimentation the perfect sealant to replace Shea butter in the L.C.O method has made itself known!

It's quite ridiculously simple but this blend of oils has changed the way Pooffie feels and behaves. It's heavy enough to seal in moisture but light enough to avoid having my hair become a clammy, sticky mess. She's no longer stiff  (I honestly thought Pooffie was naturally wiry/stiff), limp and weighed down or overly greasy and we no longer have to do the complete L.C.O method every other day when she's not in a protective style. I do the L.O.C method once a week then lightly mist the hair once or twice a day. And there you go, moisturized hair! Just like that! By changing one part of our routine!

If you'd like to give our oil mix a try it's really easy to whip up! No handheld mixers required! 

2 oz Castor Oil
2 oz Olive Oil
5 drops Peppermint Oil

Shake well and lightly apply after your liquid and cream. There ya go! You're welcome! 

Let's talk! 
What's your hair's favorite sealant? Is it Shea butter? Is it one particular oil? Is it a blend of oils?

What's better than a Sunday morning adventure? Mmm... maybe a Sunday morning spent in bed, on a rainy day, with a good book and a cup of cinnamon chai! But, back to the matter at hand!

Antigua has no proper mountains, rivers, lakes or waterfalls, so I'm taking advantage of all the natural resources that Trinidad has to offer. The Rio Seco Waterfall Trail is one of the easiest that we've hiked so far. I only fell once! Wearing white leggings wasn't the brightest of ideas. The trail is well  maintained and tree roots become welcomed stairs on the steep inclines, it's also rather safe thanks to the railings that are placed at the particularly treacherous areas. The surround forestry is lush, it's easy to become snap happy and end up at the tail of the hiking party! The actual waterfall isn't very high or spectacular but it is gorgeous and does boast one of the largest and deepest river pools in the country.  After hiking for about an hour, soaking in the cool water was absolutely refreshing. Having the decent sized fish that call the pool home dart about your legs is pretty cool too!

We're more than ready for the next adventure! 

Have you gone on any adventures recently? 
Share with with us!

The title of this post says it all. I've been natural for two years! Ring the bells, bust out the cake, sprinkle the essential oils! Year two took so unbelievably long to arrive yet it seems like just last month that I was hacking off stringy relaxed ends! A lot of the time it seems like Pooffie isn't growing as fast as she should or as fast as other people's hair, which can be absolutely depressing!  Thank goodness for photographs! We've come along way, Pooffie and I! 

In the year to come my biggest hair goal is probably learning not to compare what's sprouting out of my scalp to other people hair! Sometimes I catch myself saying "I wish my hair could do that style!" or  "If only my hair was just a little (or a lot!) longer!"

By giving Pooffie lots of love I'm definitely aiming to maintain a healthy head of hair! I'm trying to stay away from setting concrete length goals because it's such a huge disappointment when those aren't achieved on time! Eventually waist length  hair would be pretty nice but for now there's no pressure! 

The pictures below were taken on or around the same date in August 2013, 2014 and 2015 respectively. So excited at the progress that's been made! Can't wait for August 2016! 

You can read my Big Chop Story Here and have a look at my Natural Hair Journey Here

Much Love



Exam season is very much in full swing! If like me, you are absolutely rubbish at sitting down and focusing on that textbook, those study notes or power-point presentations the following tips shared by our friends on Instagram might be worth a try!

@iamdonnab says: 
Best tip is to study with a partner or if studying alone do it early in the morning so you don't get sleepy. I feel your pain. Ohhh and turn off social media. That wasn't a problem for me years ago, but I'm taking online classes and I lose so much time on IG lol

When you have back to back exams study like a week in advance

Don't study in your bed it encourages sleep lol. Sit upright at a desk or in a library

@the_mrs_jk says:
Prepare a timetable and set reasonable targets for sections/topics you want to cover. And reward yourself for meeting them.

Pretend to teach a class! Sounds weird, but if you can explain it to your "students", you can explain it on your exam. (Steal some markers and lock yourself in a classroom with a whiteboard)

Take enough breaks so you don't burn out. And turn off your phone, store it in your bag!

I'm still experimenting with this one but when I'm making notes I use a marker instead of a pen. I've been using a red one- it pops off of the paper and may appear to be closer than it really is (psychology stuff). 2. Don't look at it has studying but relearning takes the anxiety off of it a little. 3. Try doing this before bed. Once you go to bed info will process better and you'll be able to remember.

Tell us, how do you Study?
Leave your tips and tricks in the Comments! 

Crochet braids are definitely one of my favorite protective styles! They're easy to install, age well and have the potential to look very natural! Every time I rock these styles random people stop me and compliment my "natural hair", it can be a bit awkward to explain to a stranger that I'm rocking crochet braids so I usually exclaim "THANK YOU!"

In the past I've done this style using both Afro Kinky Bulk hair and Marley hair. Both are gorgeous! The Afro Kinky Bulk hair looks more like my natural 4c hair texture while the Marley hair resembles a fantastic bantu knot out.

This style is the third that I've installed since starting the Six Month Protective Style Challenge. I've had it in for just about 2 weeks and plan to leave it in for about 5 more weeks. Honestly I'll probably only make it 3 more weeks because I miss my hair!  If you're interested in trying this style I'll leave a video with all the details below.

Have you ever given crochet braids a try?
If so, what did you think?

Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

It may be the bohemian, free-spirited,  flower child in me but  things that bloom capture my attention!  You can blame my mama for this attraction to blossoms, she simply cannot resist picking flowers, they're always random buds in her hand bag, desk drawers or between the pages of her books. It really is slightly annoying!

While I can resist the urge to horde actual flowers I do end up collecting their photos! One of my favorite times in Trinidad are those awkward few weeks when we're on the verge of leaving the Wet Season behind and jumping into the Dry Season.  Yes, the random scattered showers are quite annoying but the when the poui trees begin to blossom... I am left in awe.

These are some photos that were taken a few weekends ago.  The first set features three poui trees that are residents of the university campus while second set are random shots that Alain and I got in Port-of-Spain while searching for the biggest poui tree in Queens Park Savannah.  Yes, my idea of fun is tree hunting! Luckily Alain entertains my weird quirks! Old, historical building are also a love of mine so here are a few that we found while tree hunting!

Hope that you enjoyed your Easter holiday!
Much Love 

I've never fallen head over heels in love with a deep conditioning treatment, until now.

 From the very first time that I put Shea Moisture's Yucca & Plantain Anti-Breakage Strengthening Masque unto my strands, I knew that I'd found something worth hanging unto. My hair felt stronger and looked shinier after the very first use and the results just continued to wow with each continuing use. It also left my hair incredibly soft even before applying a leave-in conditioner.  Honestly the product is a bit pricey ($100 tt) but this masque is definitely worth  sacrifice. I'll probably look into ordering it online.

I've reviewed it on my YouTube channel so I'll leave that video below so that you can check it out!

Have you ever tried Shea Moisture's Yucca & Plantain Anti-Breakage Strengthening Masque? If so what are your impressions of it?

Also what other Shea Moisture products would you recommend that I give a try?

Happy Easter! God Bless you and yours. xo

After five weeks of being braided up my hair is definitely ready for some tender loving care! Before all the hot oiling, cleansing and deep conditioning begins, here's an update on the 6 month protective style challenge. 

After removing the 90's inspired box braid bob on 23rd of January and rocking my natural coils for a week I had a friend install these yarn braids. If you know me, you know that I love all things yarn; braids, locs, twists. I love it all!

We used eight (8) balls of yarn and the style took about six (6) hours to complete. Each braid contained seven (7) strands of yarn. The ends were tied, cut then burnt.

#Bringbackouredges. I left my edges upbraided (ie. no extentions) and washed, deep conditioned, moisturized and sealed them each week then flat twisted the hair. This really helped to maintain the health of my edges. I'm even seeing a bit of new growth!

I kept  the braids in for five weeks and they were still looking pretty decent when I took them down! You can read about how I maintain protective styles here or you can watch an updated version of that routine over here.

 So comrades, how has the year been treating you and your hair?
Have you reached any goals or had any set backs?
Share with us!

Happy Friday!

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The Caribbean is a fabulous place to live! The gorgeous beaches, the friendly people and the diverse culture are all great but one of the highlights of being a resident of this part of the world is wide variety of fruits available. I'd pick a mango over marshmallows any day!

Yes, you can find some of these fruits in groceries across the world but in the Caribbean once you know the right person or live in the right area, you never have to pay a dime!

One point before we jump into the list of delicious delicacies. Some of these fruits while not indigenous to the Caribbean can be found in abundance and they are delicious so I'm including them! I found it so hard to describe the taste of each fruit but they're all sweet or tart (sometimes both) and are an absolute delicious burst of flavor!

Cocoa Pod


Seaside Grapes


Passion Fruit



West Indian Cherries



There are tons of delicious Caribbean fruits missing from this list, so comment below and let us know your favorites are! 

What fruits have we simply got to try?

You can find a large variety of Caribbean fruits with photographs here.