6 Month Protective Style Challenge

All the protective style addicts in the building raise your hands! Both of my hands are up and I'm waving them, frantically. Being a lazy natural means that protective styles are an absolute God send. Give me yarn braids that never grow old and I shall be happy forever or at least until I start missing my natural hair. 

On the first of this month I began a six month protective style challenge. Braids will be the go to option rather than wigs or weaves because personally they are so much easier to maintain! The braids will be kept in for 4-6 weeks then natural hair will be rocked for 1-2 weeks before the next style is installed. Of course properly maintaining our hair while in protective styles is super important, so you can definitely expect a post on how a lazy natural cares for her hair while rocking  protective styles. Length retention is a goal this year so the challenge is a way of ensuring that I don't wake up one day and decide that a mo-hawk is a good idea .  Actually it's an excellent idea!

Currently got this 90's inspired box braid bob thing going on and I absolutely love the way it looks, but cannot wait to take it out! Due to the length the braids get caught on everything. I mean everything; clothes, bedding, each other, other people. It's becoming annoying but it looks so neat.

If you're planning your own protective style challenge or just looking for some inspiration have a look at the protective styles I did in 2014. ( Left to right; top: box-braids using kanekalon braiding hair, yarn locs, crochet braids using afro kinky bulk hair. Bottom:  yarn braids 1, yarn braids 2, crochet braids using Bijoux Jamaican Bulk hair.) You can check out the yarn locs here and here , crochet braids here and peep some yarn braids here.

 Super excited about this protective style challenge! 

What are your hair plans for 2015?