Update #1: 6 Month Protective Style Challenge

After five weeks of being braided up my hair is definitely ready for some tender loving care! Before all the hot oiling, cleansing and deep conditioning begins, here's an update on the 6 month protective style challenge. 

After removing the 90's inspired box braid bob on 23rd of January and rocking my natural coils for a week I had a friend install these yarn braids. If you know me, you know that I love all things yarn; braids, locs, twists. I love it all!

We used eight (8) balls of yarn and the style took about six (6) hours to complete. Each braid contained seven (7) strands of yarn. The ends were tied, cut then burnt.

#Bringbackouredges. I left my edges upbraided (ie. no extentions) and washed, deep conditioned, moisturized and sealed them each week then flat twisted the hair. This really helped to maintain the health of my edges. I'm even seeing a bit of new growth!

I kept  the braids in for five weeks and they were still looking pretty decent when I took them down! You can read about how I maintain protective styles here or you can watch an updated version of that routine over here.

 So comrades, how has the year been treating you and your hair?
Have you reached any goals or had any set backs?
Share with us!

Happy Friday!

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