Crochet braids are definitely one of my favorite protective styles! They're easy to install, age well and have the potential to look very natural! Every time I rock these styles random people stop me and compliment my "natural hair", it can be a bit awkward to explain to a stranger that I'm rocking crochet braids so I usually exclaim "THANK YOU!"

In the past I've done this style using both Afro Kinky Bulk hair and Marley hair. Both are gorgeous! The Afro Kinky Bulk hair looks more like my natural 4c hair texture while the Marley hair resembles a fantastic bantu knot out.

This style is the third that I've installed since starting the Six Month Protective Style Challenge. I've had it in for just about 2 weeks and plan to leave it in for about 5 more weeks. Honestly I'll probably only make it 3 more weeks because I miss my hair!  If you're interested in trying this style I'll leave a video with all the details below.

Have you ever given crochet braids a try?
If so, what did you think?

Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

It may be the bohemian, free-spirited,  flower child in me but  things that bloom capture my attention!  You can blame my mama for this attraction to blossoms, she simply cannot resist picking flowers, they're always random buds in her hand bag, desk drawers or between the pages of her books. It really is slightly annoying!

While I can resist the urge to horde actual flowers I do end up collecting their photos! One of my favorite times in Trinidad are those awkward few weeks when we're on the verge of leaving the Wet Season behind and jumping into the Dry Season.  Yes, the random scattered showers are quite annoying but the when the poui trees begin to blossom... I am left in awe.

These are some photos that were taken a few weekends ago.  The first set features three poui trees that are residents of the university campus while second set are random shots that Alain and I got in Port-of-Spain while searching for the biggest poui tree in Queens Park Savannah.  Yes, my idea of fun is tree hunting! Luckily Alain entertains my weird quirks! Old, historical building are also a love of mine so here are a few that we found while tree hunting!

Hope that you enjoyed your Easter holiday!
Much Love 

I've never fallen head over heels in love with a deep conditioning treatment, until now.

 From the very first time that I put Shea Moisture's Yucca & Plantain Anti-Breakage Strengthening Masque unto my strands, I knew that I'd found something worth hanging unto. My hair felt stronger and looked shinier after the very first use and the results just continued to wow with each continuing use. It also left my hair incredibly soft even before applying a leave-in conditioner.  Honestly the product is a bit pricey ($100 tt) but this masque is definitely worth  sacrifice. I'll probably look into ordering it online.

I've reviewed it on my YouTube channel so I'll leave that video below so that you can check it out!

Have you ever tried Shea Moisture's Yucca & Plantain Anti-Breakage Strengthening Masque? If so what are your impressions of it?

Also what other Shea Moisture products would you recommend that I give a try?

Happy Easter! God Bless you and yours. xo