Exam season is very much in full swing! If like me, you are absolutely rubbish at sitting down and focusing on that textbook, those study notes or power-point presentations the following tips shared by our friends on Instagram might be worth a try!

@iamdonnab says: 
Best tip is to study with a partner or if studying alone do it early in the morning so you don't get sleepy. I feel your pain. Ohhh and turn off social media. That wasn't a problem for me years ago, but I'm taking online classes and I lose so much time on IG lol

When you have back to back exams study like a week in advance

Don't study in your bed it encourages sleep lol. Sit upright at a desk or in a library

@the_mrs_jk says:
Prepare a timetable and set reasonable targets for sections/topics you want to cover. And reward yourself for meeting them.

Pretend to teach a class! Sounds weird, but if you can explain it to your "students", you can explain it on your exam. (Steal some markers and lock yourself in a classroom with a whiteboard)

Take enough breaks so you don't burn out. And turn off your phone, store it in your bag!

I'm still experimenting with this one but when I'm making notes I use a marker instead of a pen. I've been using a red one- it pops off of the paper and may appear to be closer than it really is (psychology stuff). 2. Don't look at it has studying but relearning takes the anxiety off of it a little. 3. Try doing this before bed. Once you go to bed info will process better and you'll be able to remember.

Tell us, how do you Study?
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