The title of this post says it all. I've been natural for two years! Ring the bells, bust out the cake, sprinkle the essential oils! Year two took so unbelievably long to arrive yet it seems like just last month that I was hacking off stringy relaxed ends! A lot of the time it seems like Pooffie isn't growing as fast as she should or as fast as other people's hair, which can be absolutely depressing!  Thank goodness for photographs! We've come along way, Pooffie and I! 

In the year to come my biggest hair goal is probably learning not to compare what's sprouting out of my scalp to other people hair! Sometimes I catch myself saying "I wish my hair could do that style!" or  "If only my hair was just a little (or a lot!) longer!"

By giving Pooffie lots of love I'm definitely aiming to maintain a healthy head of hair! I'm trying to stay away from setting concrete length goals because it's such a huge disappointment when those aren't achieved on time! Eventually waist length  hair would be pretty nice but for now there's no pressure! 

The pictures below were taken on or around the same date in August 2013, 2014 and 2015 respectively. So excited at the progress that's been made! Can't wait for August 2016! 

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Much Love