4c hair loves Shea butter as a sealant! Well, that's according to countless natural hair blogs and YouTube gurus but apparently no one has informed Pooffie about this. For about one and a half years I religiously slapped whipped Shea butter unto Pooffie and waited for a silky, soft, well moisturized head of hair to manifest itself. I'm still waiting for that Shea butter induced miracle!

I've come to realize that Pooffie is probably one of those  heads of natural hair that despises Shea butter. It just sits on the strands attracting dust and giving off that funky, slightly rancid Shea Butter smell. Ugh! After a bit of experimentation the perfect sealant to replace Shea butter in the L.C.O method has made itself known!

It's quite ridiculously simple but this blend of oils has changed the way Pooffie feels and behaves. It's heavy enough to seal in moisture but light enough to avoid having my hair become a clammy, sticky mess. She's no longer stiff  (I honestly thought Pooffie was naturally wiry/stiff), limp and weighed down or overly greasy and we no longer have to do the complete L.C.O method every other day when she's not in a protective style. I do the L.O.C method once a week then lightly mist the hair once or twice a day. And there you go, moisturized hair! Just like that! By changing one part of our routine!

If you'd like to give our oil mix a try it's really easy to whip up! No handheld mixers required! 

2 oz Castor Oil
2 oz Olive Oil
5 drops Peppermint Oil

Shake well and lightly apply after your liquid and cream. There ya go! You're welcome! 

Let's talk! 
What's your hair's favorite sealant? Is it Shea butter? Is it one particular oil? Is it a blend of oils?

What's better than a Sunday morning adventure? Mmm... maybe a Sunday morning spent in bed, on a rainy day, with a good book and a cup of cinnamon chai! But, back to the matter at hand!

Antigua has no proper mountains, rivers, lakes or waterfalls, so I'm taking advantage of all the natural resources that Trinidad has to offer. The Rio Seco Waterfall Trail is one of the easiest that we've hiked so far. I only fell once! Wearing white leggings wasn't the brightest of ideas. The trail is well  maintained and tree roots become welcomed stairs on the steep inclines, it's also rather safe thanks to the railings that are placed at the particularly treacherous areas. The surround forestry is lush, it's easy to become snap happy and end up at the tail of the hiking party! The actual waterfall isn't very high or spectacular but it is gorgeous and does boast one of the largest and deepest river pools in the country.  After hiking for about an hour, soaking in the cool water was absolutely refreshing. Having the decent sized fish that call the pool home dart about your legs is pretty cool too!

We're more than ready for the next adventure! 

Have you gone on any adventures recently? 
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