Mid-Semester Memories

This semester has probably been one of the most challenging of my university life. Pulling 15-20 hour days, 6 days a week has been tough! We had last week off and the mini vacation was most definitely needed. I packed a bag and fled campus!

I got comfy in Claudy and Linc's home, ready to enjoy the bliss having no set schedule. I wanted to make this mid semester  memorable because, it's my last! The holiday was filled with lazy days; sleeping in, eating delicious food, going to the movies, embarking on adventures and liming with friends, old friends and new friends. So many amazing memories were filed away for a rainy day. On  the Friday I was finally able to link up with Jenissa of  Ancestral Memory. We spent an amazing morning chatting and snapping photos in Arima, we captured so many gorgeous images! No worries I'll be sharing more with you in a seperate post!

Below I've left some of my favorite photos from this week. Grab a cup of something and enjoy!

Wishing you a lovely week.
Stay blessed and un-stressed folks!