How To Style Ugly Two Strand Twists

 Some days you spend 3 hours installing a fabulous set of two strand mini twists that you absolutely love and can't wait to rock! On other days, you toil away in your natural hair for 8 hours only to end up with a head full of straggly, ugly twists that you can't justify taking out because you've just invested a full day of work on the installation.

These twists are staying in but you have to go out! What's a girl with a head of unwearable twists to do? No worries! I've got you. Keep reading for a couple of tips and tricks that will help you rock your "unwearable" twists.

1. Toss It Into An Updo

You can get creative with this first option. Depending on their size the twists can be styled in similar ways to loose hair.  Buns and Roll, Tuck and Pin styles work really well on twisted hair. Add some hair jewelry or beads to give the look some spice!

2. Wrap It Up

Head wraps are always a fun addition to your outfit of the day. You've got so many choices! You can even show off some of your unwearable twists or hide them all!

3. Fake It Girl

This one is a personal favorite! You get the look of a gorgeous, kinky puff but your hair is actually protected within those mini twists that were so patiently installed. Looser twists, especially at the root, will result in a more seamless and realistic look. It's honestly a win, win situation.

There you have it! Three ways to rock your "unwearable" two strand twists.

Let us know! Do you have any interesting tips/tricks for wearing ugly twists.

Much Love